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Johor ~ The Islands

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With the surroundings of the South China Sea, the islands of Johor offer crystal clear waters and a rich diversity of marine life and magnificent coral reefs. Over twenty of the islands are protected and designated marine parks where one can come in close contact with nature.

Some of the islands feature picturesque fishing villages and lush green vegetation inviting you to explore further away from the beach. For some adventure, hike through the jungle trails leading to unspoilt mangrove swamps. Nestled off Johor’s eastern coast the most prominent are The islands of Sibu, Rawa, Pemanggil, Aur, Tinggi, Besar, and Tengah.

Mersing is a pleasant town known for its large bustling fishing fleet. It is also the setting-off point for a large number of islands in the South China Sea, including the well-known Pulau Tioman in the state of Pahang.

The Mersing Boat Hire Association provides boats for inter-island travel or fishing. In the Mersing waters, there are at least 15 small and scattered islands and each is unique in its own way. All the while, tourists have only been accustomed to the popularity of Pulau Tioman in Pahang and Pulau Pemanggil in Johor which actually are situated within the same area.

Getting There
From Kuala Lumpur, head south on the North-South Expressway heading towards Singapore. Take the turn-off to Air Hitam. From here, drive towards Kluang, then towards Kahang town. From there, just follow the signs to Mersing. Another route on the North-South Expressway is to take the Senawang turn-off and head towards Tanjung Gemuk, before making south again on the coastal road to Mersing. Either way, the trip takes five to six hours and cuts through some deserted countryside, so make sure your tank is full and your car is in decent condition.

Tanjung Leman
Located 72km south of Mersing, it's the departure point for boats that go to Pulau Tinggi, Pulau Sibu and Sibu Besar. Travelling time by car from Singapore is about 3 hours and 2 hours from Johor Bahru
It's safe to leave your car at Tanjung Leman.

Pulau Tinggi
Rising 2,000 ft above sea level, this large and uninhabited island was once an important stopover for spice traders 600 years ago. The Chinese traders called it the ‘General’s Hat Island’ due to its conical shape. With a long coastline and white sandy beaches dotted with caves, it is endowed with fresh water, a sheltered harbour, fruit, rattan, timber and an extinct volcano to trek and climb if you wish.

The sea around it are teeming with coral, fish and reef making it a photographic heaven. Swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving are some of
the more popular pursuits here.
Location: Nine nautical miles off the coast of Mersing on the South China Sea.
It is an hour away by boat from Mersing.

Pulau Rawa
Pulau Rawa is popular among Singaporeans and international tourists. This is a beautiful coral island covered with white coral sand and tall palm trees. It has many caves for exploration and offshore coral reefs rich in marine life. Among some of the more popular sea sports here are snorkeling, scuba diving fishing, shell-collecting, lobster-hunting, and underwater photography. Accommodation is available in comfortable chalets set amidst idyllic rural surroundings.

Pulau Sibu
The island is famed for its clean white beaches, clear blue waters and offshore coral reefs. The lush tropical vegetation which abounds further inland lends an air of restful ambience. There are facilities for snorkelling, scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing and angling. Shipwrecks off its coast may also be found.


Johor Islands II

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Diving Pulau Aur

Where waters are blue and visibility averages about 30m.

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