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Pahang ~ Cameron Highlands

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This is Malaysia's premier hill resort and the largest of them all. Low temperatures all year round allow terraced flower gardens, strawberry farms, tea plantations, orchards and vegetable gardens. Cabbages, tomatoes, carrots, green peppers and lettuce supplied by the plantations in Cameron have earned it the title "Green Bowl of Malaysia".

Places to visit are: Robinson Falls, Parit Falls, the Rose Garden and Nursery, the Bee Farm, the Boh Tea Plantation, the Farmers Market Strawberry Farms, and the quaint town of Brinchang with its Chinese Sam Poh Temple. The three main towns of Ringlet, Tanah Rate and Brinchang are the centre of activity and house a most of the local population. For the adventurous, you may participate in the 'Cameron Descent', a whitewater rafting
event held yearly.

The highest peak in Cameron Highlands is Gunung Brinchang (2,032metres).
 There is also an 18-hole golf course and accommodations range from old English country inn styled hotels, chalets, to rest houses and hostels. It was in Cameron Highlands that the American-Thai silk entrepreneur, Jim Thompson, mysteriously disappeared in 1967 and was never found.

Cameron Highlands has often been called "a little bit of England". The Highlands consists of a series of townships, and the first township you'll come to on the way to the summit is Ringlet. Next is Habu, displaying beautiful blooms in its flower nursery. The persimmon orchards are also an attraction, but only during the fruiting seasons from August to September. From Habu a narrow scenic road takes you to one of the major tea plantations, Boh Tea Plantation. Tanah Rata, which means "Even Land' in Malay, boasts the best tourist amenities.

This charming little town of 7,000 or so residents is flanked by quaint shop houses on one side. The town centre is a good base for jungle trekking. There are 14 different trails based on length and degree of difficulty. Begin early in the morning if you're embarking on a long trail. Trails are marked, but keep to the instructions and avoid straying from the path. Path 9 offers a refreshing and short walk that leads to Robinson Waterfalls. Path 9a, meanwhile leads to Boh Tea Plantation.

About 3km from Tanah Rata is Brinchang, the centre of the highlands 'green produce' area. Surrounded by hills and terraced by vegetable farms, flower gardens and tea plantations. Brinchang has accommodations, as well as the highlands only golf course - a challenging 18 hole, par-71 with tricky greens, undulating fairways, meandering streams and fine sand bunkers. On the hills overlooking the Cameron Highlands Golf Course are two strawberry farms where fresh strawberries, homemade jam and marmalade can be bought.

 More Strawberry plants can be found on the ground level of Cactus Valley. Built on terraced grounds and covered with a skylight roof Cactus Valley holds a variety of cactus plants.

The upper levels of the Valley are a profusion of blooms, cacti and even apple trees. For rose enthusiasts, the Rose Centre Kea Farm has over 100 varieties of roses growing on terraced grounds. Brinchang also has flower nurseries producing beautiful blooms such as chrysanthemums, carnations, dahlia, geraniums and others.

There are also several butterfly farms located conveniently near the main road as well as a bee farm. A visit to the tea factory at the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Estate is possible. Guided tours are available around the factory. After the tour, you'll be able to enjoy a cup of fresh tea with shortbread at the tea shop overlooking the hills.

Both Tanah Rata and Brinchang have hotels and restaurants that cater a variety of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western food, not to mention Moghul and vegetarian restaurants.

Getting There
Driving up the winding road to Cameron Highlands is also a pleasure as many interesting stops along the way can be made. About 4 Hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands is accessible via Tapah, from the North South Highway - and turning left to access the highland road up.


fresh luscious strawberries, homemade jam and marmalade can be bought. More Strawberry plants can be found on the ground level of Cactus Valley. 

Built on terraced grounds and covered with a skylight roof Cactus Valley
holds a variety of cactus plants. 







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