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Online advertising opportunities to all tourism related establishments and companies

Invites all tourism related establishments and companies
Travel Agents, Hotels & Resorts, Golf Clubs & Resorts, Transport Service Providers, Handicrafts & Travel Products, Shopping Complexes and Outlets, Tourist Site & Location Managements, Entertainment & Dining Establishments, State and City Tourism Agencies & Corporate Sponsors, etc. aims to be a one-stop Travel portal to Malaysia that that strives to provide visitors comprehensive information as well as travel related services and products on Malaysia. is a unique Malaysia travel portal website attracting attention from visitors from Malaysia and around the world, including Europe, Asia, Middle East and the North American Continent. features extensive information on Malaysia
Places of interest, People & Culture, Cuisine, History, Handicrafts, Activities and other useful information that caters to both foreign and local travelers.
The information accentuated with options on travel packages, accommodations, golfing. Transport, Dining and Entertainment makes a popular site for one-stop reference to those seeking to know more about the country and traveling to Malaysia.

The opportunities of 'Internet Advertising' are myriad. It is a rapidly, ever expanding popular worldwide medium of communication and information unprecedented in world history. Compared to the traditional advertising medium, be it newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, radio or TV ads can compare in lower costs, extent of easily updatable information which can be provided to consumers, or availability of 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Overall the internet has the ability to reach the widest audience of prospective consumers locally and internationally over a longer period of time than any other medium of marketing. is an ever increasing popular site that is receiving an ever increasing number of hits to the site. Explore for opportunities to market and promote your business.

This is a simple way to develop internet-exposure in a cost effective and affordable manner, on one of Malaysia's leading Travel Portal


A Dedicated Web-page Advertisement
With detailed information and photographs highlighting your features, facilities and services as well as offers, promotions and events that you may wish to present. This page s linked to the relevant page in our Travel Directories that visitors would click on for details and information as well as contact information.
> RM250 Per Year Only <

A Sponsored Web-page Advertisement
You may sponsor any page on the website or if you choose, the entire site is open for sponsorships, including the main index page.

When you sponsor a page, you can choose one of many ways to advertise your company, brand or its products. It may be in the form of a picture logo, banner and brief text or simply a picture logo or button. These will be linked either to your own website (hotlinked) or you have the option to link internally to a one-page profile hosted on
> RM 760 Per Year Only <

We get on average about 7,000 visitors a week to our website (that's about 328,500 visitors a year! and increasing). These are quality visits by people wanting to learn more about Malaysia and its destinations. We do not waste our time or our resources on offering gimmicks, nor do we spend our efforts on internet-schemes, those that aim to channel mass internet traffic to websites. We simply maintain quality content and our visitors have been coming from all over the world.

Web promotion is partly about getting listed on search engines. Every month we update our listings on over 1000 search engines worldwide. To boost our search engine hits, we have worked very hard to create a broad content base to ensure that we get a "hit". Our top-five internet search engine referrals include: Yahoo, Google, Lycos, MSN, and Netscape.

EASY ACCESS WEBSITE INSERTION provides you with the easiest and most user-friendly search engine to gather tourism related information via attractive and informative location maps and/or graphics. These excellent features will enable users to easily find out who you are, where you are and what you do - basically just about anything relevant to the products and services you offer and their needs! Interactive Travel Guide - This will be another attractive part of the portal, which contains detailed information on places of interest in Malaysian states and accommodations.

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